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Allergen Information


We aim to make our food enjoyable for as many people as possible, so we have a great range of vegetarian, vegan and dietary specific dishes. For more information or full details about the presence of allergens in all of our dishes and menus, just ask a member of our team.

Fish and poultry dishes may contain bones and/or shells. Scampi may contain one or more tails. The oil used in our fryers may contain traces of non-vegetarian ingredients. Some dishes may contain alcohol which may not be listed on the menu.

All weights are approximate prior to cooking. Our menu descriptions do not list all ingredients.

Please be aware that all our dishes are prepared in kitchens where nuts and gluten are present, as well as other allergens, therefore we cannot guarantee that any food item is completely ‘free-from’ traces of allergens. Full allergen information on the ingredients in the food we serve is available upon request. Please advise the team of any dietary requirements when ordering.

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